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Mandalika Fashion Carnival, Where Thousands of Exotic Costumes were Shown

15/02/2020 - 01:06 | Views: 20.19k
A beautiful costumes worn by a model at Mandalika Fashion Carnival (MFC) in Praya, Central Lombok, on Thursday (13/2/2020).(PHOTO: the PR of West Nusa Tenggara for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESJEMBER, LOMBOK TENGAHMandalika Fashion Carnival  which was held on Thursday afternoon (13/2/2020) took so much of people attention. There were millions of people gathered around just to see those beautiful models walk in their exotic costumes.

The parade which was held in Praya, Central Lombok, was started with a Gendang Beleq (Percussion) at the beginning of the event.

"We all need to support this Festival for it has become a part of this city. It has become a venue for all their artists to show their talents and skill to the public," The Head of local Dekranasda, Hj. Niken said.

The Mandalika Fashion Carnival was a chain event of Pesona Bau Nyale Festival as annual event calendar of Central Lombok. This event has categorized as Top 10 event in the city.

There are around 12 districts of Central Lombok joined the festival and sent their representatives on the event. Thousands of model wearing exotic costumes walking on the road and gave their most friendly smile to the audiences.

"We hope that Mandalika Fashion Carnival will be held consecutively and the local culture could be one venue to add more revenue to the city and local community," The Vice Mayor of Central Lombok, H. Lalu Pathul Bahri said. (*)

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