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Here are the Reasons Why You Should Say Big No-No to Junk Food

31/03/2020 - 04:32 | Views: 26.51k
Illustration - Eating Junk Food. (PHOTO: bit.ly)

TIMESJEMBER, JAKARTA – Hearing the word junk food has made your saliva running out of your mouth like a flood. The mouth-watering taste and smell makes you unable to resist it. However, there are bad effects of consuming too much junk food.

According to Hello Sehat here are some bad effects of consuming too much junk food for your daily basis.

1. It can cause diabetes.

When you eat a healthy diet, your body gets a steady supply of glucose which helps to maintain insulin sensitivity. But when you eat only junk food, the excessive stress exerted on your metabolism can affect the ability of your body to use insulin properly.

2. Respiratory system issue

Junk food can led you to gain your weight. This may lead to stoutness. Stoutness expands your vulnerability for respiratory issues, including asthma and shortness of breath and many more major diseases. 

Halthline even said that kids which consume junk food atleast 3 times in a week has a bigger chance to get an asthma rather than those are not.

3. Osteoporosis and built a hole in your teeth

Carbs and sugar in junk food with low nutrition can enhance acids in your mouth. These acids can separate tooth enamel. As tooth enamel vanishes, microscopic organisms can grab hold, and holes may create.

Stoutness can likewise prompt difficulties with bone thickness and muscles. People who are fat have a more serious vulnerability for falling and breaking bones.

These reasons make you need to say big no-no to junk food, or at least minimize your habit to consume it. Consuming more healthy food are the best choice of all. (*)

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